We are a family oriented company

Papindo Trading Company Ltd.


First established as a single retail store in 1974 by co-founders Sir Soekandar Tjandra, KBE, and Lady Tjan Soe Lan Tjandra, Papindo Trading Company has steadily grown to become the largest nationally-owned retail chain within Papua New Guinea (PNG), with a total of 38 supermarket and department store branches located in 17 of the country's 19 provinces. Our shelves carry an impressive variety of over 40,000 unique consumer products imported from all over Asia and the South Pacific, and we plan to continue providing quality goods and services in the most timely manner to our valued customers.

Over the years, Papindo has diversified to include wholesale and fast-food operations; clothing- and industrial foam-manufacturing; down-stream processing and export of agricultural products (e.g., vanilla beans and vanilla extract) and marine products (e.g., "beech-de-mer" sea cucumber and trochus shell processing and export); property development; meat-packing and small-goods manufacturing; hotel management; and road construction.

Beyond the satisfaction of its discerning customers and shareholders, Papindo strives for the further enrichment and improvement of the communities it services. We have frequently participated in charitable works and donations; community-building and infrastructure development; hospital construction and outfitting; assistance to local provincial governments; financial aid to educational institutions; and, support of humanitarian efforts led by AusAID, the Red Cross, and other overseas non-profit organizations and churches.

In these worthy and meaningful endeavors, Papindo will continue to prove itself to be a company that is here to stay and become a permanent fixture in the daily lives of the PNG people.


Papindo's management team consists of a dedicated group of professionals with diverse local and foreign backgrounds. The two original founders, also the current Managing Directors of Papindo, proudly encourage diversity within the organization, as this reflects the increasingly international direction that businesses in Papua New Guinea are undertaking.

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