1996 – Incorporation of Niugini Foam Limited.


In 1996, Papindo Trading Company Limited achieved significant milestones in its expansion efforts. First, they incorporated Nuigini Foam into their operations. Nuigini Foam is a company known for manufacturing foam products, and its incorporation into Papindo Trading Company likely enabled the retail chain to offer a wider range of foam-based products to its customers.

Additionally, Papindo Trading Company continued to expand its retail presence by opening new branches of Papindo Department Stores and Supermarkets. These new branches were established in Ramu, Kokopo, and Manus. By opening branches in these locations, Papindo Trading Company aimed to provide convenient shopping options and extend its market reach to customers residing in those regions.

The expansion into Ramu, Kokopo, and Manus showcased Papindo Trading Company’s commitment to serving customers across different parts of Papua New Guinea. These new branches likely offered an array of products and services, catering to the diverse needs of the local communities.

Overall, the incorporation of Nuigini Foam and the establishment of new Papindo Department Store and Supermarket branches marked significant milestones for Papindo Trading Company in 1996, solidifying its position as a leading retail chain in Papua New Guinea.