Lae City Hotel brings new color to the city accommodation options in Papua New Guinea, with our elegant guestrooms and exceptional hospitality, personified by its 24-hrs concierge service. Located at the top town area of Lae city and only minutes away from the main market area. Visit

Located a short, 10-minute walk from Lae’s Toptown, is Morobe’s newest 38-room boutique hotel, the second hotel within the City Hotel Group that just last year brought to Lae’s residents the popular and affordable Lae City Hotel and City Café. In a signature departure from the city’s other accommodations, Hotel Morobe aims not only to satisfy the business and functional needs of its clientele, but also to afford its discerning guests a chance to indulge, luxuriate and truly unwind in its 24 x Superior Rooms, 6 x Executive Rooms, and 8 x Deluxe Suites. Visit

Ang’s Restaurant is located on Kawai Drive in Gordons, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. You can contact them at +675 323 0863. The restaurant specializes in a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Asian, and Malaysian dishes. They serve meals throughout the day, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Customers have the choice to dine in or take away their meals.

Ang’s Restaurant is known for creating a welcoming environment with efficient staff members who provide excellent service. Visitors have expressed their satisfaction with the flavorful and delicious Nasi Lemak, noodles, laksa, roast pork, roast duck, and curry.